Spores Of Life Collection

‘Spores of Life’ focuses around Fungi and Lichen, looking at the minute patterns within an overall spore, such as the Oyster Mushroom and Tundra Lichen. Naomi is particularly drawn to these macro details. The concept, the deeper you look the more you discover, is perfectly demonstrated through the common puffball mushroom. The surface texture appears to be fluffy but closer inspection reveals tiny soft spikes. This concept is detailed heavily throughout ‘Spores of Life’. As you gaze deeper into the adornment, more stitches and textures become apparent.


Using structural forms to create heavily embellished body adornments, Naomi creates textural surfaces which inhabit the neck and face, mimicking the way Lichen inhabits different environments. The placement and shaping of these body adornments creates an organic, yet invasive, feel to the finish. These are two key features of the collection. Naomi’s original artwork looked at pleating papers which then moved on to pleated fabrics. This led her research to the Tudor Ruff and how this may be interpreted in the modern day. She found the idea of the ruffs restriction fascinating, and felt it gave an invasive feel to the wearer, just how lichen and fungi appear invasive to their habitat. She has interpreted features of the Tudor Ruff throughout the collection, seen through both pleat and placement.

Working on sheer fabrics, such as Silk Organza and Crin helps the embroidery become malleable allowing it to form to the body. Gold Work, a traditional military embroidery technique, is featured heavily amongst the collection, alongside beading and surface stitches. Naomi has worked these techniques in a contemporary fashion and uses wired edges to give the final outcomes structure. The collection uses different shades of blush and rose gold to create a neutral and elegant feeling across the pieces.